Commercial, Industrial & Retail Property Services.

RS Design & Technology is a leading building and property maintenance company working across Commercial, Industrial, Retail and Educational sectors.

RS Design & Technology provides both reactive emergency breakdown services, planned maintenance services and estimation work. We provide quality reviews of all works undertaken to ensure that they have been completed to the highest possible standards.

Our services include Building and Maintenance works, Electrical and Mechanical Installation, servicing and Maintenance.

About RS Design & Technology

commercial, industrial and retail property services

The complete package.

How many companies can truthfully say they offer this?
A support service for industry from start to finish, with all the skills required within one company?
RS Design & Technology based in Southampton can, thanks to the wide range of skills and expertise of it’s team of engineers.

No matter where, whether it's Chichester or Chicago, Southampton or South Africa, we aim to support your business, solve your problems, and provide a professional and common sense approach to all aspects of your facilities management.

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Through training, feedback and appraisals, RS Design & Technology creates a workforce which is both empowered and dedicated to the pursuit of quality.

RS Design & Technology shall ;


  • Provide skilled and qualified electrical, mechanical engineers to meet our customer's needs;
  • Deal fairly and professionally with all our customers;
  • Respond swiftly and accurately to requests for assistance;
  • Operate at all times in a safe and competent manner;
  • Strive to provide a service that is second to none;
  • At all times bear in mind our customer's wishes and concerns.

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RS Design & Technology aim ;


  • To improve our services and responses continually;
  • To react to feedback from customers and others;
  • To reinforce constantly the individual's understanding of his or her contribution
    to quality within the company;
  • To identify errors, waste or lost opportunities, and put in place corrective action
  • To anticipate our customers' needs by putting ourselves in our customers'
    shoes, however small the job;
  • To monitor continually all systems, procedures and services in order to highlight
    potential areas for improvement;
  • To listen to our customers' needs and concerns to ensure a flawless

Contact RS Design & Technology for more information
Tel: 0845 685 0202


Production Line Relocation to Switzerland for Estee LauderRefurbishment and Relocation of FactoryInstallation of Paint and Spray boothe for Wind Turbine Company
Restaurant Kitchen and Dinning Area Refurbishment Refurbishment of Restaurant in SwanageDepartment Store Electrical Maintenance


Contact RS Design & Technology for more information

Tel: 0845 685 0202


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